Use your Scandic Friends points

Thank you for choosing us! Read about the best way to use your Scandic Friends points.

Use your points to book reward nights

Every time you stay with us you earn points which you can use towards qualifying reward nights at a Scandic hotel of your choice. Current points prices are listed at the bottom of this page. Each month, we also select a number of hotels to offer even better points prices. If you want to know which hotels have lowered their points prices in our other Scandinavian countries, just change the language version of this page in the menu at the top.
Once you have chosen the language version, you book your reward night in the booking module and click on 'Book a reward night​'. You can book reward nights at all our hotels using your points.

Use your points to order Scandic Friends gift vouchers.

Use your points to order Scandic Friends gift vouchers for all our hotel products. The gift vouchers are available in denominations of SEK 100 (costs 5,000 points) and SEK 500 (costs 25,000 points). May not be used for Early or Save bookings.

Order reward night vouchers that can be used to book reward nights at all our Scandic hotels.

Order a gift voucher at our partners

You can use your points for gift vouchers at our partners Ving and Wallmans.

Number of points needed for reward nights

See how many points you need per hotel for a reward night

[RNB] Reward nights list (en)