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Restaurant Det Gule Pakhus

Enjoy a delicious dinner in a low-key and classic setting at our Det Gule Pakhus restaurant.

In Det Gule Pakhus you can enjoy a relaxing dinner with your family, friends and colleagues. Det Gule Pakhus has retained its rustic setting in the original historic building, and that atmosphere is enhanced by the exposed wooden beams and view of the old wine cellar.

The menu is based on our love for local and seasonal produce, and you can be sure that each dish we serve is made with our passion for food along with quality and excellent ingredients. Our servers are happy to recommend a good wine from the wine cellar or a beer from our enormous selection of both bottled and draft beer.

The restaurant has a laid-back and casual atmosphere, and you are welcome to drop in whether you are a guest in our hotel or just want to have an enjoyable dinner next to Frederikshavn’s city centre.

Thursday deal: Fish and seafood buffet including dessert and fruit

Price: Adults – DKK 235 (children under 14, DKK 149)

Every Thursday, you can dive down into the unique seafood specialties at Det Gule Pakhus. Featuring the season’s best selection of fish and seafood, the dishes in the buffet can change depending on the day’s catch. However, in the buffet you’ll always find five hot and five cold seafood dishes as well as a selection of fish and seafood soups.

The fish and shellfish in our buffet are delivered by our local supplier, Strandby Fisk. That’s why you can also count on the fact that most of the seafood comes from a sustainable seafood supplier that complies with MSC fishery standards.

These deals are available every Thursday from 18:00 to 21:00*

Book a table by phone: +46 20 69 32 82 or through

Sunday deals: Dine on 'Roast ad libitum' (eat as much roast as you want) from Danish Angus beef

Price only DKK 179! (Children under 13 eat for half price)

Every Thursday, we invite you to eat as much roast as you want at Restaurant Det Gule Pakhus. With quality meat from Danish Angus breeders, you are guaranteed a piece of extraordinarily tender meat from free-range cattle.

Forget about the classic buffet! We serve your food right to your table. You have a free choice between two kinds of meat, and accompanying this you have a choice of two kinds of potatoes and two types of sauces. You can dig into our salad buffet located in the middle of the restaurant. You can eat all you want – just let us know and the waiter will bring you a new plate.

The deal is available every Sunday from 17:30 to 21:00*

Book a table by phone: +46 20 69 32 82 or through

*We reserve the right to make changes to opening hours in connection with special events as well as during peak holiday periods and holiday seasons.

Opening hours

Opening hours
Lunch: Mon-Sun 12:00-15:00
Dinner: Mon-Thu 17:30-21:30, Fri-Sat 18:00-21:30, Sun 16:30-21:00