The Reef opening hours and prices

The Reef aquapark is open all year round, so you can enjoy a tropical holiday atmosphere whenever you feel like it. Create new traditions and visit the aquapark at peak holiday times – Easter, Christmas and New Year. Here, you’ll find opening hours and admission prices for The Reef aquapark.

The Reef aquapark opening hours

Our aquapark is open to everyone whether you’re a guest at our hotel or just want to enjoy a day filled with fun water activities. We’re open all year round but we have special opening hours during the peak summer holiday season, other school holiday periods and on regular bank holidays.

Keep up to date with The Reef’s opening hours and prices by checking this page or visiting us on Facebook.

Normal opening hours

Weekdays Times
Monday 8:00–21:00
Tuesday 8:00–21:00
Wednesday 8:00–21:00
Thursday 8:00–21:00
Friday 8:00–22:00
Saturday 8:00–22:00
Sunday 8:00–21:00

Special opening hours

PLEASE NOTE: The Reef aquapark is closed from 6 to 17 January 2020 for renovations.

During holidays and weekends, school holiday periods and the peak summer holiday season (weeks 28–32), our aquapark is open as normal or has extended opening hours. 

Opening hours over Christmas and New Year

When can I visit the aquapark? Times
24 Dec. 10:00–18:00
25 Dec. 10:00–18:00
26 Dec. 10:00–22:00
27 Dec. 8:00–22:00
28 Dec. 8:00–22:00
29 Dec. 8:00–22:00
30 Dec. 8:00–22:00
31 Dec. 8:00–23:00
1 Jan. 11:00–22:00

The Reef – Prices

Admission prices to our aquapark depend on the hotel seasons. There are therefore different prices depending on when you visit the aquapark.

Standard prices

Monday to Thursday: DKK 85 per person.

Friday to Saturday: DKK 150 per person.

Sunday: DKK 100 per person.

Children under the age of 3 can always visit the aquapark free of charge.

Prices for holidays and weekends, school holiday periods and the peak summer season 

Holidays/weekends: DKK 150 per person

School holiday periods (Monday to Sunday, weeks 1, 7, 8, 16, 26, 42, 44 and 52): DKK 150 per person.

Peak summer season (Monday to Sunday, weeks 27–32): DKK 200 per person.

Selected Sundays (13 October, 27 October, 22 December, 29 December): DKK 150 per person.

Group prices

Are you part of a group of more than 20 people and do you want to find out more about our group offers?

Please contact [email protected] 

We would like to point out that group offers are not available on weekends, holidays and during the peak summer season.