Ruka’s hiking trails

The areas around Kuusamo and Ruka offer fantastic hiking trails. A few hours of hiking, a whole day, or even a week-long adventure. Scandic Rukahovi is your ideal starting point.

relaxing nature with awesome views

The Ruka region in Kuusamo is a popular destination for hiking. As well as the famous and popular Karhunkierros trail (Björnrundan), the area offers many hiking trails and sights that can be reached on foot. All with Scandic Rukahovi as your starting point.

Karhunkierros Trail

The most popular hiking trail in Finland, the legendary Björnrundan, or Karhunkierros trail, is 8.2 miles long and runs through the Oulanka National Park. 

The trail runs through a wonderful natural landscape which is ideal for day trips. You can even paddle part of the way here! In the winter you can also go cross-country skiing from the Oulanka nature centre to Juuma.

Short Karhunkierros trail

The short Karhunkierros trail is a scenic hiking trail in Oulanka National Park with suspension bridges and waterfalls. Marvel at mighty waterfalls, steep cliffs and deep forests.

Day trips in the Ruka area

Follow the Karhunkierros trail towards Ruka-Valtavaara-Konttainen and then go back the same way. Have a rest or some lunch at the wind shelter in Suolampi or the Valtavaara rest cabin. Another option is the viewing hut in Valtavaaranlampi.

  • Starting point: Ruka
  • Difficulty level: Demanding, hilly terrain and large elevation differences
  • Hiking time: 5–7 hours
  • Distance: total 14 km
  • Alternative routes: Valtavaaran huiputus trail, 6 km (Ruka-Valtavaara) and Sinipyrstön pyrähdys trail, 1.5 km (Konttainen).

Pyhän Jyssäys trail

Hike from Ruka along Plantingintie to the top of Pikku-Pyhävaara to admire the hilly Ruka terrain from close up. Along the way you’ll find two viewing spots with benches and at Pikku-Pyhävaara there is a cabin and outdoor barbecue.

  • Starting point: Plantingintie (closest navigation address is Plantingintie 1).
  • Difficulty level: Relatively demanding with large elevation differences. The trail itself is easy to walk.
  • Hiking time: 2–3 hours
  • Distance: total 7 km

Juhannuskallio trail

  • Starting point: Juhannuskalliontie (green route signs)
  • Difficulty level: Easy
  • Distance (from Ruka village): 2.5 km: entire route 300