The Journey of Christine from Lilies Diary

Three months ago she couch surfed herself around Berlin and subsequently wrote about her endeavour in Der Speigel. Today travel blogger Christine Neder from Germany runs the popular blog Lilies Diary. Christine began her 48 hour journey for Scandic 30 June, and as for the first bloggers Yaya & Lloyd, her agenda was top secret for everyone including herself.

Lilies journey

Ready steady pack!

29 June

So, like any other trip, it begins with an empty luggage. What stuff to bring? Usually you know the destination, but not our dear Christine. She was of course curious about her destination and especially the weather conditions up in the Nordics. We confirm the fact that many different outfits were tried out for the occasion. And, if only she knew.... well this is the packing list she finally got from us the day before the trip.


Copenhagen in Denmark

30 June

The journey begins in...... Copenhagen! The home of the Smorrebrod, the Little Mermaid and loads of stunning designer boutiqes. What could possibly be better? Christine made it safely to her first destination and checked in at Scandic Copenhagen in the morning. A bunch of secret activities were waiting just around the corner.



Morning: Checking in and checking out the interior decorating of Scandic Copenhagen. The first mission was handed out and a taxi was waiting to pick Christina up for a ride to.....


 ... the famous and at the same time notorious district of Christiania! The mission was to explore the area and learn more about it.

Afternoon: A quick bicycle taxi tour to Kødbyen "Meatpacking District", a cool area with many restaurants. Time for a late lunch, and the lunch table was set for two.... who was the secret lunchdate?

Afternoon: So, we hooked Christina up with a jewelry designer Jane Kønig, the lunchdate! She fell in love with the beautiful sweet chain she got from Jane. It reminded her to always treat yourself with love and respect ❤ And after this perfect encounter, design boutique Hay was on the ageda.

Christina woke up happily right next to the friendly fox.


Leaving Copenhagen after 24 hours - comin  up next is.... Stockholm!

1 July

Boom. The next 24 hours began in Stockholm in the very oval country of Sweden. What´s not to like about  Sweden? The summertime is lovely just watch out for all the ferries, boats and kayak paddling enthusiasts. Don´t you dare miss out on the archipelago you´ll regret it forever. We made sure a boat came along and picked Christine up.

Christina stayed at Scandic Grand Central and was delighted to find that "Bella Italia" was right in the backyard of the hotel. The piazza Little Italy offers nice drinks, music and a cozy atmosphere. We wonder if she noticed the underwear 

Noon: The boat took of heading towards Gustavsberg and left Christina off at the museum of Artipelag. Ahhhhh.... the fresh air and tranquility.

From the calm surroundings of the archipelago, Christine jumped right into the epicenter of happiness - the celebration of the Swedish U21 fotball champion team!

The Swedish "fika" is more than just a cup of coffee allright. It´s a happy moment all together. The happy times was enjoyed by Christina at Wienerkonditoriet! "Kanelbulle" is supergreat, enough said.

2 July

How sad. It´s sad indeed that Christine will leave Stockholm. Goodbye! But first a breakfast buffet and an interview on the agenda. Full of memories and experiences during the 48 hours we hope Christine felt enlightened when she got back on the plane. At least she learned some things about Scandic Grand Central and the interior decorating; the devil´s in the details..