Scandic - The largest Nordic hotel chain

In February 2014 Scandic bought the hotel chain Rica Hotels, which has 70 hotels in Sweden and Norway. During 2014 and 2015 all Rica Hotels were rebranded into Scandic. This means that Scandic is today the largest hotel chain in the Nordic countries with 224 hotels of which 90 hotels are located in Norway.

You know what to expect when you stay at one of our Scandic hotels. All our hotels have their own unique personalities and atmosphere, but some things you will always recognize when you stay with us.

Former Rica hotels in Norway ex. partner hotels

Scandic Fauske Hotell (former Fauske Hotell)
Olympiatoppen Sportshotell
Scandic Alta (former Rica Hotel Alta)
Scandic Bakklandet (former Rica Bakklandet Hotel)
Scandic Bodø (former Rica Hotel Bodø)
Scandic Bryggen (former Rica Bryggen Hotel, Honningsvåg)
Scandic Byparken (former Rica Hotel Bergen) 
Scandic City, Fredrikstad (former Rica City Hotel, Fredrikstad)
Scandic Elgstua (former Rica Elgstua Hotel)
Scandic Forum (former Rica Forum Hotel)
Scandic Gardemoen (former Rica Hotel Gardermoen)
Scandic Grand Tromsø (former Rica Grand Hotel Tromsø)
Scandic Grimstad (former Rica Hotel Grimstad)
Scandic Hammerfest (former Rica Hotel Hammerfest)
Scandic Harstad (former Rica Hotel Harstad)
Scandic Havna Tjøme (former Rica Havna Hotel)
Scandic Hell (former Rica Hell Hotel)
Scandic Helsfyr (former Rica Helsfyr Hotel)
Scandic Holberg (former Rica Holberg Hotel)
Scandic Holmenkollen Park (former Rica Holmenkollen Park Hotel)
Scandic Honningsvåg (former Rica Hotel Honningsvåg)
Scandic Ishavshotel (former Rica Ishavshotel)
Scandic Karasjok (former Rica Hotel Karasjok)
Scandic Kirkenes (former Rica Arctic Hotel)
Scandic Kristiansund (former Rica Hotel Kristiansund)

Scandic Maritim (former Rica Maritim Hotel, Haugesund)
Scandic Meyergården (former Meiergaarden Hotel, Mo i Rana)
Scandic Narvik (former Rica Hotel Narvik)
Scandic Nidelven (former Rica Nidelven Hotel)
Scandic Nordkapp (former Rica Hotel Nordkapp)
Scandic Oslo City (former Rica Oslo Hotel)
Scandic Park Drammen (former Rica Park Hotel Drammen)
Scandic Park Sandefjord (former Rica Park Hotel Sandefjord)
Scandic Parken (former Rica Parken Hotel, Ålesund)
Scandic Ringsaker (former Rica Hamar Hotel)
Scandic Rock City (former Rica Rock City)
Scandic Sarpsborg (former Rica Saga Hotel Sarpsborg)
Scandic Scandinavie (former Rica Hotel Scandinavie, Ålesund)
Scandic Seilet (former Rica Seilet Hotel)
Scandic Stavanger Airport (former Rica Airport Hotel)
Scandic Stavanger Park (former Rica Park Hotel Stavanger)
Scandic Sunnfjord Hotel og Spa (former Rica Sunnfjord Hotel)
Scandic Svolvær (former Rica Hotel Svolvær) 
Scandic Syv Søstre (former Rica Hotel Syv Søstre, Sandnessjøen)
Scandic Vadsø (former Rica Hotel Vadsø)
Scandic Victoria (former Rica Victoria Hotel Lillehammer)
Scandic Victoria (former Rica Victoria Hotel, Oslo)
Scandic Stiklestad (former Stiklestad Hotell)

Fomer Swedish Rica hotels

Scandic Gamla Stan (former Rica Hotel Gamla Stan, Stockholm)
Scandic Kungsgatan (former Rica Kungsgatan, Stockholm)
Scandic Klara (former Rica Hotel Stcckholm)
Scandic No.25 (former Rica Hotel No.25, Göteborg)
Scandic Stortorget (former Rica Hotel Malmö)
Scandic Talk (former Rica Talk Hotel, Älvsjö/Stockholm)