How to get the most out of your hotel breakfast

How do you make the most of the delicious breakfast buffet when staying at our hotels? These are our top tips, guaranteed to add to your breakfast enjoyment.

four tips –  getting the most out of your hotel breakfast

1. Wear comfortable clothes

It sounds so obvious, but it’s easy to forget to pick out the best breakfast attire. Pack comfortable clothes and a pair of comfortable shoes that you can wear to our breakfast buffet. The more comfortable you are, the more visits to our delicious breakfast buffet you can enjoy. Remember to be kind to yourself and wear clothing with an elasticated waist!

2. Have the right focus and strategy when making your selections

It’s easy to get overwhelmed by the variety of our breakfast buffet. First, walk around the buffet once with an empty plate to check out the goodies available before you decide what you want. Help yourself to a little of everything and then pick out your favourites on your second visit to the buffet. Refill. Again. And again.

3. Choose your seat carefully

Start by walking around the breakfast room and choosing the table that suits you best. Do you prefer to sit alone or in a group? Do you prefer to sit near the buffet to be close to all the goodies or is it important for you to sit in peace? If you’re a real coffee lover, you may wish to sit close to the coffee station.

4. Be bold enough to make new contacts

There are plenty of guests sitting alone at the breakfast buffet, especially if you’re travelling on a weekday. So why not use the opportunity to make new contacts?  It could lead to new partnerships or friendships. But be sensitive to the signals, so you’re sure that the person really does want a dining companion.