How to get to know a new destination

Here are our tips for maximising your experience at an unfamiliar destination. This is how to find out something you didn’t know before about the destination.

1. Local residents give the best tips

Ask our hotel staff about hidden gems in and around the city. We always share the best of what we know, whether you’re looking to explore local nature or a night on the town.

2. Borrow a bike and explore

We offer bicycles you can borrow for free when you stay overnight at Scandic*. Exploring a new summer destination on a bike is an adventure to remember!

3. Jump on a bus and head out into the unknown

Why not be bold and hop on the next available local bus. Travelling by bus in a new city is always exciting and the best way to get to know new places. Just sit back and see where the journey takes you!

4. Check out what TripAdvisor has to say

Obviously, TripAdvisor is worth a look when you’re deciding on a restaurant for the evening. Read reviews here from guests and visitors and easily form your own opinion. And don’t forget to leave a review of your own hotel stay here!

*Some Danish hotels have a limited number of free bikes, but additional bikes that can be rented for a small fee