How to sleep better at hotels

Are you someone who doesn’t sleep well in a new bed? You don’t feel rested at all after the first night at a hotel? No worries. Our hotel experts know how even the hardest to please can get a good night’s sleep. Read our 4 simple but effective tips!

4 tips - how to sleep better at hotels

1. Smells from home

Bring a pillowcase from home and put it on the pillow on the first night. The smells from your own home mean that you’ll immediately feel more secure and fall asleep more easily. But remove the pillowcase on the second night so you can enjoy the hotel’s smooth and crisp sheets.

2. Set the right temperature

Shivering from cold or bathed in sweat? Make sure that you set the right temperature in your hotel room. Everyone is different, some prefer a warmer room while others prefer it a little cooler. Use pyjamas and nightwear to regulate if necessary.

3. Fresh and clean before sleeping

This might sound too simple to be true, but wash your face and your feet before getting into bed. This can easily become a relaxing evening routine that helps you snooze all night long.

4. Fall asleep full

Don’t go to bed hungry. Is there anything worse than a grumbling, rumbling tummy that’s louder than a foghorn? The answer is no. Get something filling from ourshop, or visit our hotel restaurant before your date with the Sandman.