Make room for more time together

Dreaming about time alone, or do you feel the urge to get lost in a new city together?  We've hand-picked a few of our hotels that we think will be perfect for your next getaway. So, let's create a memorable experience for you and your special someone, whether it's your bestie or partner!

Plan a perfect stay for two 

  • City lover or outdoor enthusiast? Find a perfect location for your stay.
  • Pick a hotel with the facilities of your choice: jacuzzi, sauna, or a one-of-a-kind bar. All our hotels have unique features making them perfect for a couple's stay.
  • Working out together is time together. You can find a gym at the hotel (or close by) and if you'd like to explore the area, we have bikes available to borrow at many of our hotels.
  • Mornings for the win! Taste our delicious breakfast buffet or grab your pre-ordered pick-up breakfast box up to the room – cause who doesn't love breakfast in bed!
  • Make it an even more comfortable stay and treat yourself to one of our more spaces room types.