Fast track to the next level

We'd like to treat our members to a good start to the year. We'll count each night as two when you stay Monday to Friday between 1-28 February. A good chance to either reach the next level faster or stay safe at the level you're at.

reach the next MEMBERSHIP level twice as fast

In February you can reach the next membership level in Scandic Friends twice as fast! When you stay Monday to Friday (qualifying nights) in February we’ll count each night as two. For example, if you stay three nights, we will count them as six, so you can reach your next level faster!

How to make one night count as two

  • Book a point qualifying stay at one of our hotels for February, stay Monday - Friday (Check-in Monday, check-out Friday)
  • Register the offer with promotion code: WELCOMEBACK2020
  • Each qualifying night you stay with us during the given period, regardless of how many nights you'll stay, will count as two

Please note, you will not get extra points for the extra nights.

Activate your offer

  1. Click "Already a member"
  2. Log in to your account
  3. The promotion code is prefilled
  4. Click "Activate"

Your following stays in February will give you double nights. Please note, if you already booked a stay for February, register (activate) on the link below before your stay and you're entitled to the offer.

The fine print
This offer is valid for stays in February, Monday-Friday (Mon-Tue, Tue-Wed, Wed-Thur, Thur-Fri). To activate the offer you need to book a point qualifying stay. A point qualifying stay is a booking that has been done on our website, with our member service or at a hotel, with some exceptions e.g. wholesale/tour operator packages, contracted airline crew rates and industry rates, for details, read our Scandic Friends terms and conditions. To activate the offer for an already booked stay the registration has to be done before your stay.