Yes, its true!

With stays at Scandic from June 21st to August 18th, you could multiply your nights by 20! 
Let’s break it down: If you stay for 3 nights, that equals 60, and if it's 5 nights that equates to 100! You get it? More days, more stays. 


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Already booked your stays for this summer?
Don't worry,  as long as you activate before your stay you will be a part of this lottery. 


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The fine print
Book a stay at Scandic hotels and activate on this page to be a part of the lottery. Valid for stays from June 21st to August 18th 2024, all days. To take part you need to activate on this page by August 18th. Booking must be done on scandichotels website. By activate you automatically cornfirm our terms and conditions. For details read our Scandic Friends terms and conditions - The Lottery