Our training opportunities allow you to grow

Here at Scandic, we are in no doubt that our business does best when our team members are enabled to develop to their full potential. This is why we have developed what may be the industry's most rewarding training opportunities.

Scandic Business School

Scandic Business School makes us uniquely well placed to continuously develop both our organisation and the people within it. For those who work here, it offers a chance for lifelong learning and an exciting path to new challenges. Scandic Business School provides customised courses for team members at all levels.

Training programmes

The training programmes at Scandic Business School are designed around classroom teaching, online courses and on-the-job training, and are divided into five areas.

1. Get on Board

An introduction to Scandic for new team members. All the knowledge you need to ease your way gently into the organisation. These courses help you to perform at your best in your new role.

2. Commercial

The courses within Commercial relate to sales, marketing, revenue management, e-commerce, the loyalty programme and finance. These courses improve your business and commercial competence within the organisation.

3. Leadership

Courses with a focus on developing the leadership and management skills of team members at various organisational levels of Scandic, including leadership programmes for young talents and high-potentials within Scandic.

4. Functional

Courses and practical training for all the various roles, with a view to strengthening the Scandic concept. Focus on performance improvements, teaching concept routines and standard procedures. Courses with job-specific exercises and general organisational and system training.

5. Service

Service is at the very heart of Scandic's business. This training programme aims to retain our high level of service and give team members the tools for them to help take Scandic's services and service culture forward – internally and externally.