Coworking FAQ

Here you find the most common questions about our coworking pass. If you don't find an answer to the question you where looking for, you are always welcome to contact one of our hotels.

What kind of breakfast do I get?

When buying our coworking pass including breakfast, you get access to our delicious breakfast buffet. Choose from a great selection of bread, toppings, cereals, yogurt, and locally produced products.

What time do you serve breakfast?

The opening hours for our breakfast may vary. For more information, please see the hotel restaurant page or ask at the reception. Find your hotel.

Can I work from one hotel in the morning, and choose another one in the afternoon, with my coworking pass?

Of course! When buying a coworking pass, you have access to all our 270 hotels. Just make sure to save your receipts.

How do I buy a coworking pass?

A coworking pass is bought at our hotels and are valid from the day you buy it and forward.

What size are the drop-in meeting rooms?

The size of the drop-in meeting rooms differ, we have smaller meeting rooms for up to 2 people, as well as larger one. We can not guarantee a specific size of the meeting room you're getting, but we will always do our best to give you a room that fits your needs.

I will be staying with you, do I have to pay to sit and work in the lobby?

Our staying guests are always welcome to sit down and work in the lobby without paying.

I'm renting a drop-in meeting room who can access the meeting room?

The drop-in meeting rooms are only available for people with a coworking pass. Everyone accessing the meeting room need to buy a coworking pass. 

Can I share my coworking pass with someone?

Your coworking pass is personal and can not be shared.

Fine print
The coworking prices are non-refundable or rebookable, and can only be booked at our hotels. You can only buy one pass from the day you arrive and forward and consecutive days apply. It's only possible to buy one monthly pass at a time. Coworking seating areas are not reserved, but a workspace is always guaranteed. If your desired seating place is over occupied, our team members will ensure that you have an alternative workspace that is best suited to your needs. Your receipt must be available as a guarantee when using our coworking spaces or benefits. Your 10% discount in the shop, restaurant and bar are valid every day at all our hotels for up to 5 people. Free still and sparkling water, doesn't include drinks from the shop. Drop-in meeting rooms are subject to availibilty and can be booked for a maximum of 3 hours.