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Our 10 good habits are for all travelers that believe in a better tomorrow. Learn more about why you should follow the habits and what we are doing at our hotels.

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Good habit #1

Smile at a stranger. Show the people you meet on your trip that you care.​

When you smile, your brain releases neuropeptides to help fight off stress. Then other neurotransmitters like dopamine, serotonin and endorphins come into play too. The endorphins act as a mild pain reliever, whereas the serotonin is an antidepressant. ​Same goes for caring, it gives us numerous benefits like feeling good, feeling a sense of accomplishment, feeling loved and building strong relationships, feeling valued and experiencing personal growth.​

​We smile at our guests and care for your wants & needs to make the stay with us as pleasant and memorable as possible.

Good habit #2

During holiday- and vacation periods some places tend to get overly crowded. Crowded places means a larger environmental footprint and typically also less of an enjoyable tourism experience, especially during a pandemic. ​

We are operating 270 hotels at 130 destination. We are sure you can find a Scandic hotel in or close to the destination of choice weather is close to nature or city centers.

Good habit #3

Leave every place a little better than you found it. We can encourage our fellow human beings to keep things nice and tidy outdoors, help to reduce litter in nature, at sea and in city centers by picking up and disposing waste in recycle bins. ​

Our cleaning routines are extensive, and we make sure that your expectations of a tidy and clean hotel is met. For your security and comfort. Scandic also recycles its waste from our operations as well as the waste that guest dispose of in the waste bins in the rooms. 

Good habit #4

Eat with care for the environment. ​The industrial or conventional way of producing food causes large-scale environmental degradation. In addition, the way we produce and consume food contributes to global climate change. A partly plant-based diet can help reduce greenhouse gases, preserve water and land, and save lives! Plant-based meat for example is much less damaging for the climate in another critical way since emissions of greenhouse gasses are reduced by up to 90 percent when compared with conventional meat. Water pollution and nutrient pollution are also nearly eliminated in many cases thanks to plant-based meat.​

​At Scandic you can choose plant-based meals. If you miss something, let us know. We will try to accommodate for your requests.

Good habit #5

Use one towel during the entire hotel stay and if possible, skip the daily cleaning.​ To get your towel washed and room cleaned every day may not seem that big of a deal for the environment. But if you consider every guest requesting laundry services and cleaning at every hotel, in every room, every day – together it becomes a massive impact on the environment in forms of energy, chemical and water use. ​

​At Scandic you can keep your towel for as long as you want and at many of our hotels, you automatically skip the cleaning, but can always get it cleaned if you ask for it.

Good habit #6

Save water by turning off the taps when using soap, shampoo and when brushing your teeth.​ Just by turning off the tap while brushing your teeth twice a day can save you half a bathtub of water. Per day. Imagine what could be saved if you turn off the tap in? By turning of the taps when applying soap, shampoo and conditioner you save between 6 – 15 liters of water per time you take a shower. ​

We work actively to reduce our water consumption, and at some of our hotels we also help remind our guests with mirror stickers in the bathrooms.

Good habit #7

Use the most environmentally friendly transport. ​ Because transports based on fossil fuels are contributing negatively both to climate change and to pollution and subsequently bad health. ​

We encourage and try to help our guests travel in an environmentally friendly way. At many of our hotels there are charging stations for electrical cars, we lend out bikes at most hotels, and many hotels are located close to public transport. If you’re staying at a hotel in the city.

Good habit #8

Help us reduce good food being wasted by thinking about portion sizes and taking only what you need.​ If we manage to reduce food waste in the world, one of the major contributors to food’s environmental footprint will be solved.​

We work systematically with reducing food waste since every step counts. 

Good habit #9

Choose an environmentally friendlier accommodation.​ There is almost always a more conscious and sustainable option to choose, regardless of your preference. Same goes for the way you choose to spend your nights during your vacation. A more environmentally friendly way to spend your summer vacation will pay off in terms of better energy and water efficiency to name a few things. ​

​All our hotels have ambitious sustainability targets, and 200 of our hotels are certified according to the Nordic Swan. 

Good habit #10

Take care of yourself and others. Follow the guidelines and recommendations of the region you are traveling in. ​ The pandemic continues to be a huge challenge for people and societies. We cannot just yet lean back and return to how we lived life before the pandemic. We need to keep following guidelines and recommendations with the care of ourselves and each other as a foundation of our actions.​

​Our number one priority is the well-being and safety of our guests and team members. To secure just that, we have rigorous procedures and routines in place at all our hotels regarding enhanced cleaning, physical distancing and our food and beverage offerings.