Winter in Kuopio

Make the most of your winter getaway in the heart of the Lakeland district of Finland.

Winter holiday in Kuopio

Winter activities

Make the most of your winter holiday in Kuopio. Picture mostphotos and VastavaloThere are so many things to do in winter in Kuopio. The Puijo hill is a popular destination for day trips and winter sports. You can find the iconic Kuopio ski jumping towers, downhill slopes, cross-country skiing tracks and hiking routes. On nature paths, you can admire Puijo’s conservation areas. Another place worth visiting is the Kolmisoppi-Neulamäki area with its expansive network of hiking and skiing routes. Kuopio, which is surrounded by water, is an excellent place to try ice fishing. There are also over 200 km of snowmobile routes, half of them on frozen lakes.

The Tahko skiing centre is located only 65 km away. In addition to downhill and cross-country skiing, you can try snowshoeing, driving on ice and reindeer safaris.

Sights and culture

From the Puijo tower, you can admire the view. On the famous Kuopio market square, there will be a traditional Christmas market before the holiday season. After New Year’s, there will be a winter market. You can warm your feet in the cafes and restaurants of the old market hall and shop for local produce. If you’re done being outdoors, you can go and explore urban Kuopio. The Old Kuopio Museum takes you on a journey to the past, and the Kuopio Museum with natural history exhibits is located in a beautiful Art Nouveau castle. There are also a lot of concerts and events in town.

Activities for kids

Kuopio, its beautiful nature and the regions nearby offer a variety of activities for kids and families. The activity centre Tahko Farmi with its animals is open year round. If the weather is bad, you can enjoy the local Kuopio spas and saunas or indoor activity parks, such as the Super Corner in Pitkälahti. For climbing, head to Voema, Kuopio’s climbing centre.

Scandic accomodation in Kuopio

Our hotel in Kuopio, Scandic Kuopio is located near the city centre with stunning lakeside views.