The artist Mallence Bart-Williams with her German and Sierra Leonean roots has already brought children from the streets into schools. In her work with the collective Folorunsho from Freetown, she combines cultural contrasts, which are brought to expression in nine hanging pictures in our junior suite 705.


Mallence Bart-Williams was born in Cologne. Due to her German and Sierra Leonean roots, she sees herself as a bridge linking two completely different worlds. Her multi-faceted background enables her to approach current problems with creative solutions. During the three years she has been working, her collective has taken homeless children off the streets and put them in schools, designed a collection of trainers and a fashion line, published a book and a documentary of her story, and organised art exhibitions. In her work with FOLORUNSHO, she combines cultural contrasts by enabling people to exchange thoughts, to act and achieve results.

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