Try out life as a Viking at the Ribe VikingeCenter

One day at the Ribe VikingeCenter

Treat the whole family to a fun-filled and educational day at the Ribe VikingeCenter, where Denmark’s Viking Age is brought back to life. Discover the past and try out activities from the Viking Age on your own. It’s easy to get to the Ribe VikingeCenter from our hotel in Esbjerg:

Experience Denmark’s Viking Age

The marketplace bustles with life. As you stroll through town, you can look into the shoemakers, silversmiths and Court House. In Storgården, impatient cows bellow waiting to be milked. Discover Denmark’s Viking Age as it looked in 710 AD. The marketplace has been reconstructed to resemble a marketplace from the Viking Age. Merchants from throughout Europe travelled here to sell their wares. In the VikingeCenteret, you can also visit Ribe village as it looked in AD 825. A guest family lives here, and is busy baking flatbread and has food ready for guests. The timberman, or woodsmith, also lives here and carries out repairs on all the buildings in the village. Or why not check inside the distinguished Court House, where a beautiful frieze describes how the city was founded. The Ribe VikingeCenter invites visitors of all ages to try out some of the chores from the Viking days. For example, try grinding your own flour which you can then use to bake flatbread at the fire together with the other Vikings.

Get a good night’s sleep at our hotel next to the Ribe VikingeCenter

When the whole family is worn out after a long day of adventures and activities at the Ribe VikingeCenter, everyone can relax at Scandic Olympic in Esbjerg close to Ribe. Sleep in a wonderful and spacious room offering views of Esbjerg harbour or Esbjerg town itself. Wake up to a delicious and nutritious breakfast buffet where many of the options are organic. As always at Scandic, your breakfast is included in the price of the room. And Scandic Olympic is located close to everything that Esbjerg has to offer. If you prefer shopping, you can spend hours strolling along Kongensgade, the longest pedestrian street in Denmark.

Have a great time!