Stevns Klint

Walk right up to the edge, but don't go over - it's a 41 metre drop straight down! Stevns Klint offers a highly unique way to experience nature. And on a beautiful summer’s day, when the sky is bright blue, you can see all the way to Sweden, Copenhagen, Oresund Bridge and Mon. It's no wonder that this natural area is included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

On the edge of Denmark

If you want your summer holiday to include open expanses, wind blowing through your hair and the most beautiful natural scenery in Denmark, don't miss a visit to Stevns Klint. On a clear summer’s day, you can enjoy the most spectacular view from the cliff tops across to Sweden, Copenhagen, Oresund Bridge and Mon.
If you look down, you'll see the roaring sea at your feet. And if you think it's a long way down, you're right. It's a 41 metre drop from the top of the highest cliff.

Chalk and lime

If you're interested in geology, you can enjoy even more from your visit to Stevns Klint than just a beautiful visit to the great outdoors. You may already know that the cliff is made up of chalk and lime, which was formed more than 65 million years ago. At that time, Denmark was completely covered by the ocean. This means that the chalk found at the bottom of the cliff contains fossils from animals that lived on the bottom of the ocean.

Views all around

The cliff top is completely flat - until it drops straight down. Stevns Klint rises steeply and stretches over 20 kilometres. If you want to see the most beautiful view along the cliff, we recommend Hojerup, which also has its share of history. It was here, at this spot, that the old Hojerup church lost its choir when the cliff collapsed in 1928.

Hotels close to Stevns Klint

You are never far from a fantastic outdoor adventure at Stevns Klint when you stay at one of our hotels in the central part of Zealand. Enjoy a good night’s sleep at Scandic Ringsted or Scandic Roskilde, and drive from here to the edge of Denmark - enjoy your trip!