Get right up close to the animals at Aalborg Zoo

The rare Asiatic lions soak up the sun on the grass in the predator compound whilst the tigers study them from the tower high above the facility. The polar bear couple Malik and Lars enjoy life in their luxurious facility whilst the colourful blue and yellow Ara (macaw) preens his feathers in his magnificent cage. Welcome to Aalborg Zoo.

See animals from around the world at Aalborg Zoo

Aalborg Zoo is the second largest zoological exhibit in Denmark and the most popular attraction in Aalborg. You'll find adventures for everyone of all ages. You can meet 1,500 animals from all around the world thriving in facilities that recreate the animals' natural habitats as closely as possible. At Aalborg Zoo you can enjoy the sight of magnificent brown bears, playful sea lions and slow sloths.

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Impressive predator compound

In 2012, Aalborg Zoo opened a new, large compound for the big cats at the facility - the lions and tigers. The new compound gives the animals more room and a huge area to roam in. The compound is divided into two - one for the lions and the other for the tigers. You can see lions in the underground tunnels at eye level or watch the animals from the trails that wind around the entire facility.

When hunger strikes amongst the two-legged guests, you can enjoy a picnic in the new play area for the whole family. You'll find a natural play area, BBQ areas and a Zoofari display where you can view presentations of adorable farm animals.

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