The Sandormen at Skagen

Since the late 1940s, a special 'worm' has moved completely to the tip of Denmark, right where 2 seas meet. Back then, a special vehicle was used to collect building materials, but that soon gave way to the idea of running guests in a trailer all the way out to Grenen at Skagen. Today, the Sandormen is the only means of transportation to Grenen.

Take a trip in the Sandormen and see where 2 seas meet

At the northernmost tip of Jutland, Grenen, you can stand with a leg in each sea. This is where the 2 seas - Kattegat and Skagerak - meet. You can take the Sandormen out to the tip of Grenen, an exciting and adventure-filled tour, where you also learn about the changing coastline and diverse nature.

Grenen, Skagen | VisitDenmark | Scandic Hotels

Skagen's white sand beaches and impressive nature

Grenen, Skagen | Thomas Nykrog, VisitDenmark | Scandic HotelsGrenen is surrounded by superb beaches on both sides. The eastern side is particularly suited to children, whilst the western side with its deep waters and strong currents is a little more challenging.
The combination of sand, water and impressive light has turned Grenen into one of Denmark's most popular tourist destinations with 1 million visitors every year.

The Sandormen does not have a set schedule but departs regularly from Grenen's car park.

Hotels close to the Sandormen and Grenen

If the tour goes to Denmark's northernmost tip, the entire family can enjoy a pleasant stay at Scandic The Reef in Frederikshavn. If it's not beach weather when you're at Grenen, you can always take a dip when you are back at our hotel. Our hotel has a large indoor water park for both kids and adults.