Dybbøl Banke

The year is 1864. Denmark is at war with Austria and Prussia about the rights to Schleswig, Holstein and Lauenburg. At Dybbøl Banke, war is raging and the Prussian guns are bombarding the Danish redoubts. After many long battles and negotiations, Denmark surrenders most of South Jutland. Relive the entire history close up at Dybbøl Banke.

Dybbøl Banke History Centre

Dybbøl Banke History Centre | Photo: VisitDenmark | Scandic HotelsThe entire family can enjoy a fun and educational day at the Dybbøl Banke History Centre. Visitors can experience a piece of Denmark's history during the Dybbøl Banke battle. Experience the roar of cannon fire and run for cover in the huge blockhouse which served as a shelter for the soldiers. Explore the two gloomy gunpowder magazines and try your hand at casting your own bullets. You can also experience the soldiers' daily lives, as it was in 1864, when the brave, Danish men slept on straw mattresses and wrote letters home with pen and ink.

Dybbøl Mølle

Dybbøl Mølle | Scandic HotelsDybbøl Mølle is arguably one of the most famous national symbols in Denmark. The white mill stands beautifully amidst the green hills of Dybbøl. Dybbøl Mølle was razed to the ground by the Prussian guns during the war in 1864, but was rebuilt not long afterwards. Today, the mill and grain stores serve as a museum with displays depicting the history of Dybbøl. However, when the wind allows, the mill's vanes operate as they did in bygone days helping grind grain into flour.

Hotel close to Dybbøl Banke and Dybbøl Mølle

Scandic Sønderborg is located in a lush, green area just outside central Sønderborg and 15 minutes by car from Dybbøl Banke and Dybbøl Mølle. Our hotel is therefore the perfect starting point for visiting the historic sites and Sønderborg's many other attractions.