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It’s easy to enjoy yourself in the Aulanko cultural landscape on the shore of Lake Vanajavesi. The unique Aulanko, with its spa and golf course, is a genuine jewel among spa hotels. The 33-metre high observation tower and the beautiful park forest are the best-known sights in the area.

romantic traditions

The beautiful Aulanko area was created by Hugo Standertskjöld, a weapon manufacturer and hospitable philanthropist, successful businessman and an eccentric romantic. His fairytale-like legacy is still present in the beautiful natural park, Swan pond and Forest pond, the charming lace gazebos, artificial islands, old plantations in the park and the magical, rugged Granaatti castle.

The best-known sight is probably the Aulanko observation tower, offering amazing views over the lakes and forests as far as the eye can see. A long staircase descends from the tower along the steep cliff to Karhuluola and the lake shore.

Aulanko has entertained artists, for instance Alfred Hitchcock, throughout the ages! The low-key celebrations of the bourgeoisie in the early part of the last century have gradually been replaced with fitness-focused holidaymakers and golfers perfecting their swing, who enjoy the Vanajavesi valley scenery at the second oldest golf course in Finland.

Horse riders have been a familiar sight in Aulanko since the beginning of the last century, and you can still hear the sound of hooves from the stables and the riding school next to the Scandic Aulanko hotel.

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