Hotels in Finnish Lakeland

Finland is the land of a thousand lakes. Finnish Lakeland is an area of myriad lakes in the eastern and central parts of Finland, with stunning national landscapes and clean air, water and nature.

What is there to do in the Finnish Lakeland?

The blue Lakeland is full of islands, canals and rivers. The beautiful landscape and the clean water of the lakes invite travellers to explore the beautiful nature. Our hotels are located near the best sights in Finnish Lakeland. We have put together three different kinds of activities for you to enjoy in the Finnish Lake District.

Explore islands and nature by boat

You can explore lakes on your own by boat or on an organised cruise, for example on a steamboat. Beautiful Lake Saimaa is the favourite destination for many boat tourists. Finnish Lakeland also offers a beautiful setting for canoeing and kayaking, and if you’re lucky, you can also encounter the rare Saimaa ringed seal in the Saimaa area. 

Have a relaxing city break

In addition to the magnificent scenery, you can also enjoy a relaxing city break in Finnish Lakeland. For instance, in Mikkeli you can enjoy not only the town’s interesting history but also Kenkävero, a popular tourist destination where you can explore exhibitions and handcrafts. 

A skating or ski trip on the icy lake under the winter sun.

Finnish Lakeland also offers great opportunities for winter activities. Lake Kallavesi, located in Kuopio, provides a great setting for a ski or skating trip on the icy lake under the winter sun. In the winter, you can enjoy the nature of Finnish Lakeland on a snowshoe walk, for instance. 

Hotels in Finnish Lakeland