Elina Metso

Elina Metso created room 234 during the art project #artstayshere and also left a stunning piece of art on the fourth floor.

Elina started painting with spray cans in the spring of 2014 and even though she had been drawing and painting digitally for many years she never felt she was good enough to fulfil her dream of painting with spray in public spaces. One day she did what we all should do: face something that scares us, and she managed it! Elina found a way into the street art community and realised very quickly that her purpose would be to create art as stories. She wants to make people feel at home in the public spaces that surrounds them. Elina feels that public art should invite people in and encourage them to participate in and feel in control of their community.

For more information about the art of Elina Metso have a look at her instagram account: