Hop Louie

Hop Louie created the artroom #336 during the project #artstayshere and gave the fifth floor an astonishing look as well.

Hop Louie is one of the most active and creative artists on the streets of Stockholm: he grew up in an environment surrounded by graffiti and also advertising. One of these was illegal, one was legal. He liked the idea of creating a combination of the two, but with graffiti‘s message, to see what happened. Hop Louie feels that a city where people have expressed themselves in public spaces is much more fun to move around in and art gave him the opportunity to do his thing without giving in to limitations or rules. He is driven by giving praise to people that normally don’t get acknowledgement in today’s society and he always stands up for people who for one reason or another are less fortunate.

For more information about the art of Hop Louie have a look at his instagram account: