Our family room 633 and room 011 got a new creative look from the artist Kurir. On the second floor our guests also get to explore his style of art.

Kurir‘s first encounter with graffiti was during a walk with his older sister when she showed him a large wall along the train tracks. Kurir wondered how it was possible for someone to paint so big in such a difficult location. When he got older he came in contact with other kids that were into graffiti and the passion took over. Back then it was very connected to rap and skateboarding and you were supposed to be good at everything! Today, graffiti is a part of Kurir‘s life in a very natural way, and it’s something he feels will always be there. It‘s a part of life he refuses to do without, and we’re very happy to hear that.


For more information about the art of Kurir have a look at his instagram account: