Museums in Berlin

Berlin is more than the television tower on Alexanderplatz, the Brandenburg Gate or the Reichstag building. The German capital is home to more than 170 museums, whose many exhibitions range from historic masterpieces to modern contemporary art. Discover the most exciting museums in Berlin.  

Natural History Museum 

Visitors get a colourful glimpse into the natural world in the largest natural history collection in Germany. The exhibition displays more than 30 million objects, which have been collected by scientists since the early 18th century onwards and are just waiting to be discovered. These include items dating back to the origins of the solar system, skeletons, eggs and nests, fossilised animals and much more. The museum is one of the most important research facilities in the world. Visitors can make their own voyage of discovery and gain a fascinating overview of the museum’s latest research projects as well as marvel at original study objects. Get your tickets here.

Alte Nationalgalerie

This is the headquarters of the National Gallery, which divides its displays across five further establishments. These include the Neue Nationalgalerie, Hamburger Bahnhof and Museum Berggruen. Admirers of impressionism, realism and romanticism will find plenty to enjoy in the Alte Nationalgalerie. As well as paintings by Claude Monet, Caspar David Friedrich and Franz Marc, more than 100 sculptures are on display over three floors. Get more information and your tickets here.

Hamburger Bahnhof 

Visitors can look forward to a collection of contemporary art in the National Gallery’s largest museum. The former terminal station of the Berlin–Hamburg railway line started operation in 1846. However, it was unable to keep pace with the growing volume of traffic, so has been used as an exhibition space since 1904. Today, it is the only station building from the time still standing. It is well worth a visit, and not just for the historic building itself: the former station houses one of the world’s most important public collections of contemporary art. Get your tickets in a very modern way  here

Berlin Wall Memorial 

Not strictly a museum, but still definitely worth a visit is the Berlin Wall Memorial. On Bernauer Strasse, visitors can wander through sections of the wall and other remnants of the former border area. The open-air exhibition is dedicated to the victims of violence and provides fascinating historic insights. On the other side of the street, interested visitors can also enter the Visitor and Documentation Centre with its lookout tower.  


As one of the museums on Berlin’s Museum Island, it has been designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Here visitors will find not one but three museums: the Collection of Classical Antiquities, the Museum of the Ancient Near East and the Museum of Islamic Art. They boast works of art from Greek and Roman times as well as the museum’s most famous work: the monumental Pergamon Altar. Order your tickets here.

DDR Museum Berlin

Here visitors of all ages can experience exactly what life was like in the former East Germany. Covering 1000 sqm, this display illustrates life in the DDR under socialism, the Berlin Wall and the emergence of the Stasi secret police. There is never a dull moment in this museum. It provides many interactive options in 45 different themed areas. Enter the simulator to drive a Trabi through East German residential areas or discover the flair of a prefabricated apartment. Get more information and your tickets  here.

German Historical Museum 

A visit to the German Historical Museum enables visitors to immerse themselves in German history, as illustrated by approximately 90,000 historical artefacts. The permanent exhibition 'German History from the Middle Ages to the Fall of the Berlin Wall' provides a fascinating overview of the development of the country. The museum also has changing special exhibitions. These are dedicated to specific historical events in various eras.

German Spy Museum

Be a spy for the day in Germany’s only espionage museum. With the help of the latest technology, visitors can interactively crack secret codes, hack websites, negotiate the laser maze and much more. Numerous objects such as bugging devices in shoes or umbrellas with poison darts provide insights into the history of espionage in the city. Find out who knows more about you: the Stasi, NSA or Facebook? Book your tickets in total secrecy here.