Björn Holzweg

Who stays the night in Superior Plus room 813 will find a beautifully painted bear diving for fresh salmon by artist Björn Holzweg.


The artist was born in Leipzig in 1979 and since 2004 he’s been living and working in Hamburg. His art is shaped and formed in paintings, drawings, sculptures and watercolor-paintings. The protagonists of his works are mostly wild animals or more likely: woodland animals. With his enquiry Björn Holzweg proceeds on the path of wild animals into unknown scenery. Being discovered there, he brings back to daylight the stories of freedom fighters and revolutionists. That’s how he turns one’s gaze on past and present happenings that lie off the beaten track and far from everyday life. For him it’s not about communicating a concrete message – what kind of lesson one learns is up to oneself.

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