Case Maclaim

The artist Case Maclaim has left his distinctive mark in superior plus room 709. Over 3 walls of the room you see a hand in various poses as it moves a paper boat in a wave shape – all executed in an impressively realistic way.

Case is the artistic name of Andreas von Chrzanowski, an artist on the German graffiti scene who grew up in East Germany. He began painting with aerosols in 1995 and uses this medium to paint portraits and photorealistic pictures and bodies, which he frees from their usual environment. This enables him to replace the traditional image of beauty with contentious pictures. One of the most incisive aspects of his work is the texture of the surfaces that he uses. In general, he uses the cardboard packaging of the aerosols, which are held together with glue, staples and adhesive tape. Sometimes small parts and pieces of wood are stuck to the surface. It is the diametrically opposed structure of these perfectly executed pictures that gives Case’s works their unique character.

You can find more impressions of Case Maclaim’s art on his Instagram site: