David Shillinglaw

With his work 'The person you love is 72% water', artist David Shillinglaw has created a unique horizon of abstracts about the meaning of water as an element on the walls of our 7th floor corridor.

David Shillinglaw was born in 1982. He lives and works in England and has always been inspired by the influence water has on every part of our lives, and the way it acts as a universal language. At our Scandic hotel he has designed a horizon of painted abstracts to highlight the significance of this vital element on the human experience and our impact on this world. David has been working with Viva con Agua for many years. He has painted murals for the Millerntor Gallery and in 2018 he visited Ethiopia to decorate the newly built wells and their surroundings. He also designed the drill that drilled these wells. 

Title: The person you love is 72% water.

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