Henry J. Wintherberg

The Junior Suite 807 on 8th floor was turned into a unique work of art by artist Henry J. Wintherberg.


An unusual clarity speaks of the works, an aesthetic of simplicity and yet also a wealth. The set of all points of a level. Constance and Brimborium. It is important what the words have to say. It is mathematics and it is music, so contradictory it seems. The isolation of the elements is a limit, creating new spaces, individuality and power. It is seemingly clear and simple, abstract and innocent – and yet it is not. The work of the workgroup circle are monochrome structures, canvas, wood, concrete and oil, black and white, brush and graffiti, plaster and gesso, fine lines and raw strokes, coal and pigment, a passion between painting, drawing and graphic, abstraction and rationality, complexity and superposition.

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