Ju Mu

The female artist Ju Mu focuses on the Shaman cult in her art works and was inspired by the rain forest and the god of rain for our Junior Suite 816. In collaboration with the artists Krahskid and Isakov she forms the collective Guapo Sapo.


Having grown up in Hannover, with Peruvian-Chilean roots, a completed program of study as a fashion designer, Ju Mu today lives and works in Cologne as a freelance artist. Shaman cult and the connection between the human being, the spirit world and nature are fixed elements of her work and serve as inspiration for her masks, canvasses or costumes. She uses anything she can get her hands on for her work, and in this way creates a new, surreal world. She has exhibited in, among other places, Mexico, Palma de Mallorca, Bern, Hamburg, Leipzig, Cologne, Berlin, in the Sprengel Museum Hannover and at the Millerntor Gallery together with her collective Guapo Sapo.

For more information on the art of Ju Mu and the artist collective Guapo Sapo visit these pages: