The "Nocturnal Water Connaisseurs" by the artist Krashkid, who is member of the collective Guapo Sapo, are found in the Superior Plus room 815. These unique characters unwind whilst having a fine glass of water under shining stars.

The works of the graphic artist and illustrator Krashkid are characterized by the sharp-edged characters with exaggerated limbs, which usually crouch over, under and in each other in sceneries. Through additional typography or objects, his characters are often linked to a small anecdote, which shows the artistic change of Krashkid between graphics and comics. With the square-sized style of his illustrations, he has already co-designed picture worlds for musicians, magazines, festivals and companies. Krashkid currently lives and works in Hamburg. Together with Ju Mu and Isakov, he forms the art collective Guapo Sapo, with whom, due to numerous collaborations with Viva con Agua, he also regularly implements joint wall and exhibition projects in the national and international areas.

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