The 'Nocturnal Water Connoisseurs' by the artist Krashkid, from the collective Guapo Sapo, can be found in superior plus room 815. The nocturnal water connoisseurs of the title are relaxing over a glass of water under a starry sky.

The work of the graphic artist and illustrator Krashkid is noted for its sharp-edged characters with exaggerated limbs, who tend to sit on top of, underneath or inside each other. Through additional lettering or objects, his figures are often linked to a small anecdote, which provides a glimpse of the artistic shift Krashkid makes between graphic and comic art. With the flat, edgy style of his illustrations he has created imagery for musicians, magazines, festivals and companies. Krashkid currently lives and works in Hamburg. Together with Ju Mu and Isakov he is part of the art collective Guapo Sapo, with which – in part thanks to regular cooperation with Viva con Agua – he regularly carries out joint mural and exhibition projects on a national and international level.

You can find more information on the art of Krashkid and the collective Guapo Sapo on the following site: