Milky Chance

How music and art create water: the musical duo Milky Chance has joined forces with Viva con Agua to ensure improved global access to drinking water. In order to visualise their music, the songs from their album 'Blossom' were interpreted by artists of the Millerntor Gallery. Some of the resulting pictures hang in superior plus room 805.


Viva con Agua and the Kassel-based duo Milky Chance have dedicated their efforts for many years to the provision of clean drinking water. When they heard that their as yet unpublished album 'Blossom' was going to be visually interpreted by national and international artists, they were immediately enthusiastic. The aim was to create a connection between the music and the visual art and to use the universal languages of art and music. In cooperation with 14 artists from various genres, the individual tracks were reworked and the resulting artworks eventually displayed at the internationally renowned music festival in Austin. This proved to be an artistic way of signalling the need for clean drinking water. With the concept of 'Art Creates Water', the profits from the limited edition of 100 silkscreen prints went to water projects run by Viva con Agua. 70 percent of the profits went directly to the work and water projects run by Viva con Agua de Sankt Pauli e.V. in Ethiopia.

You can find out more about the duo Milky Chance on their website: