Milky Chance

How music and art is turned into water: The duo of musicians Milky Chance is collaborating with Viva con Agua to enhance the worldwide access to clean drinking water. To visualise their music, the songs of their album "Blossom" were interpreted by artists of the Millerntor Gallery. Some of the created prints are presented on the walls of Superior Plus room 805.


Viva con Agua and the musical duo Milky Chance have been working together for many years. When the two heard about the idea to turn their unreleased album “Blossom” into unique artworks created by local and international artists they were head over heels. The goal was to build a connection between music and art and use these universal languages to communicate. In cooperation with 14 visual artists from around the world, each track was interpreted and turned into a screen print. These were first exhibited at the SXSW 2017 in Austin, one of the biggest music festivals. Through this exhibition Viva con Agua was able to communicate the delicate topic of limited access to drinking water and sanitation facilities around the world in an artistic way. In the spirit of “Art Creates Water” the proceeds of the sales of the 100 limited screen prints benefit the work of Viva con Agua.

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