Nico Sawatzki

With his distinctive and abstract style, the artist Nico Sawatzki has been immortalised in superior plus room 809.

Sawatzki says about his work: “I deal with room constructions in the broadest sense. Impressions that I’ve gathered as a graffiti artist or simply a view of an interesting corner of a building when I’m hanging about, urban structures in general define my work. It’s not important whether what I depict can really exist or the perspectives are completely accurate. In terms of the colouring, I don’t focus on the naturalistic original either. I’m always influenced by graffiti when it comes to colour compositions. In my pictures I construct a play area for the observer, which he can explore and where he can incorporate his own associations. I try to walk a narrow tightrope between a relationship to architectural objects and completely non-representational painting.” 

You can find out more about the work of Nico Sawatzki on his website: