Stefan Groenveld

The photographer Stefan Groenveld accompanied the organisation Viva con Agua during projects to build wells in Nepal and Uganda. On these incredible journeys impressive photographs were taken, of which some are presented in the Superior Plus rooms 802 and 803.

Stefan Goenveld was able to be part of multiple project visits with Viva con Agua and describes his experiences: “The camera is like a key. It opens doors and I am able to have a look into the lives of the people. To be part of these intimate moments is like a gift, yet it is also a chance. Each moment changes me as a person and my perspective on things. With Viva con Agua, I was lucky enough to have a number of these moments.”

In room 802 photographies are shown that Groenveld took during a project trip to Nepal:


Most of Nepal population has access to clean drinking water. The major challenge is the access to basic hygienic facilities. The focus of the project in Chitwan is schools. Most children face long ways to school, which makes access to clean drinking water and decent sanitation facilities even more important.

During another project trip to Uganda, Stefan Groenveld took photographs, of which some are shown in room 803:

The region of Karamaoja in Uganda is still worrying. National statistics shows that Karamaoja is in one of the last places regarding access to water and sanitation facilities. The main goal of the projects is to strengthen the community and to provide access to water-, sanitation-, and hygienic facilities.

To learn more about Stefan Groenveld and his photography, visit his page: