We are Büro Büro

The collective WE ARE BÜRO BÜRO has transformed two junior suites on our new 8th floor into art rooms with its large-scale graphic designs on the theme of 'Water': room 801 with hanging prints and room 808 with a fresco.

WE ARE BÜRO BÜRO is an art, illustration and design collective based in Hamburg and Braunschweig, led by Julian 'BITER' Faudt and Stefan 'STUKA' Mückner. Based on their shared roots in the fields of illustration, graphic design and graffiti, their passion and their talent for originality and innovative design flows into everything they produce: from branding, album covers and illustrations to wall works. The artwork of WE ARE BÜRO BÜRO opens a door to alternative realities in which clear forms, balanced colour palettes and playful, comic-like elements come together. (Text by Sarina Meulemann, Pitch-Zine, Melbourne)

For more information about the art of the collective We are Büro Büro, you can visit their website: