The artist Zezao conquered the streets of Sao Paolo with graffiti back in the 90s. He has used his unmistakable style to embellish junior suite 701.

Where rubbish (Brazilian: lixo) is transformed to luxury (Brazilian: luxo) – this is what lies at the heart of Zezao’s work. His roots lie in graffiti from the 90s and his blue abstract handwriting is unmistakable. It is derived from the painting of the word vicio – vice. He polarises the critical dialogue between depth and superficiality and illustrates political and social aspects in order to sensitise people to topics such as recycling and sustainability. With delicate forms and shades of colour, he submerges himself in a chaotic underworld, penetrates a subterranean world and breathes life into its rough walls with his tender, iridescent blue patterns.

More information about the art of Zezao can be found on his website: