Activities in the region

The North Cape is a unique nature experience with a coastline of cliffs plunging down into endless oceans, treeless plains and idyllic fishing villages. Snow-capped mountains and a coastal culture, rich in experiences and history. From the North Cape plateau, the mountainside plunges 307 metres straight down into the ocean, and when you’re standing on this mighty cliff, only Svalbard is between you and the North Pole.

Fishing villages and bird colonies

You’ll find idyllic old fishing villages located just a few kilometres from Honningsvag. When heading up to the North Cape, you can take a detour to both Gjesaer and Skarsvag. 

Gjesaer and Gjesvaerstappan are home to Norway’s largest colonies of seabirds

Gjesaer is an idyllic old fishing village which was also well known during the Viking Age and is mentioned in the Norse saga Heimskringla by Snorre Sturlasson. It wasn’t until 1976 that Gjesaer was accessible by car/road transport. The town has about 100 permanent residents and its own private church, which is definitely worth a visit. 

Gjesaerstappan is a group of islands located just a short boat ride from Gjesaer. From Gjesaer, it is possible to take part in a bird safari to Norway’s largest seabird colony featuring auks, grebes, cormorants, loons, northern fulmars and storm petrels. During the summer months, the largest island, Storstappan, is off limits to protect the largest colony of puffins in Finnmark. 


On the northeast portion of Mageroya (Mager Island) lies Skarsvag, a fishing village right on Ris Fjord, about 14 kilometres from the North Cape plateau. Skarsvag is the world’s northernmost fishing village with roughly 100 inhabitants.

From Skarsvag, it’s only a short walk over the mountain to the geological wonder, Kirkeporten. Kirkeporten is a natural rock formation shaped like a large gate, and you can look through it across Mefjorden towards the North Cape with the North Cape Horn. Both Kirkeporten and the North Cape Horn were Sámi sacrificial sites during pre-Christian times.

The hike to Kirkeporten is relatively easy if you are wearing good shoes. It takes about 45 minutes round trip.

The North Cape Staircase takes you to the peak

There are several stone stairways in Norway, and Sherpas from Nepal were hired to build the stairs in Honningsvag. When you stay at one of Scandic’s hotels, it’s only a short walk to the stairway itself. The climb to the top may be tiring, but think of the view you will be rewarded with—it’s well worth it!

activities at 71° North

King Crab Safari

The king crab is one of the largest crustaceans in the world. It contains as much protein as a chicken, and it can grow to over 2 metres between its claws. This delicacy is one of the North Cape community’s most important exports. Both excursions with 71° Nord are rounded off with a wonderful meal consisting of king crab, mayonnaise, lemon and bread in their restaurant in scenic surroundings in Sarnes. Before and during preparation of the crab, the guide tells the history of this impressive crustacean and its invasion of the northern Norwegian coastline.

Watch a video of king crab fishing

King Crab Safari with RIB boat

Join us on a wonderful and fast-paced trip with a RIB. An incredibly popular trip that is excellent value for money and creates memories for life. Riding in RIB boats, you head out from Honningsvag to pull up crab traps and take the catch to Sarnes, where the crabs are cooked. Then, you get to enjoy a delicious meal. You can borrow all the gear you need.

King Crab Express

If you’re pressed for time but still want to have a king crab experience, transport by minibus is offered to the restaurant in Sarnes, just a 15-minute drive away. You get to hear the history of the crab while enjoying a meal made from the Barents Sea ‘monster’.

ATV Safari

This is one of the most exciting ways to reach the northernmost point on the Norwegian mainland. Driving a four-wheeler is one of the most incredible experiences for all ages, for both the driver and passenger. All drivers must be at least 18 years of age and have a valid driving licence, so please remember to bring it.

ATV Safari to the North Cape

After a detailed run through and training, you depart from Honningsvag across the mountain into an Arctic landscape. We make several stops to take photos along the way, and we cross the island to its northernmost point, the North Cape. After stopping to photograph the iconic North Cape Globe, you take a guided tour of the plateau and the North Cape Hall.

ATV safaris are also organised in the evening so that you can experience the midnight sun from the North Cape plateau—one of the most epic places to see the midnight sun attracting thousands of visitors every year.

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Sea rafting

Join us and explore the North Cape from the sea—the northernmost point on Mageroya! A wonderful experience at sea that also gives you the chance to spot local wildlife such as sea eagles, reindeer, seals and the occasional puffin. After passing Helnes, one of the most northerly lighthouses in the world, your trip takes you straight to the North Cape. The tours are excellent and each stop is filled with history.

It is extremely interesting to view the largest colony of puffins in Finnmark.