Green Oslo

Whether your priority is travelling in the most eco-friendly way possible, feeling inspired by bold solutions to environmental challenges, or you simply love being outdoors, there are plenty of reasons to enjoy a green visit to Oslo

Inspiration for an eco-friendly Oslo trip

Oslo is full of people and companies who, with a combination of idealism, enthusiasm and creativity, are working towards a better (city) environment: from urban farms and restaurants serving organic food to city developers focusing on environmental solutions. Together, they have put Oslo on the map as a sustainable destination, and Oslo is the European Green Capital for 2019.

At Scandic hotels, caring for the environment is a major priority. Through the leftover food app ‘Too Good To Go’, we have helped save over 100,000 portions of surplus food from 65 hotels around the country. This is the equivalent of 200 tonnes of CO2 emissions. Scandic was one of the first hotel chains to start saving surplus food with ‘Too Good To Go’, and we are among the operators with the most outlets in Norway. Since 2016, we have been handing out delicious boxes of surplus food from both our breakfast and lunch buffets, which can be bought at reduced prices via the app and collected when we’re closing.

We serve drinking water directly from the tap. It is chilled, carbonated and filtered in a way that preserves its valuable minerals and salts.

Every cup of coffee we serve in Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland is organic, and either Fair trade or UTZ certified. When you enjoy a cup of coffee at Scandic, you are contributing to a better way of life for both the coffee farmer and their family.