Green activities

In Oslo, you’ll find a number of activities and attractions that have a low carbon footprint.

Our tips for Oslo

When you stay at a Scandic hotel in the centre of Oslo, you’ll have the whole city on your doorstep. The city is surrounded by a variety of natural environments, which you can enjoy all year round, in many different ways. In the centre, short distances and good walking and cycle routes make eco-friendly sightseeing easy, both on your own and in organised groups. The parks dotted around the city provide ample opportunity to unwind in a relaxed setting. 

In recent years, we’ve seen huge development in large parts of the city, including areas such as Gamlebyen, Gronland, Markveien, Torshov and Torggata. You’ll love just mooching about in cafés, seeking out the tucked-away boutiques, enjoying a bite to eat from a completely different part of the world, or visiting the Natural History Museum and University Botanical Garden.

Here are our tips for some activities you can do and places you can see: