Hotels close to fishing

Wherever you go in Sweden, you’ll never be far from a fishing trip. Here are our tips for some of the most popular fishing areas.


Lulea offers lots of exciting fishing opportunities due to its proximity to rivers, rapids, lakes and seas. The Lule River between Lulea and Boden is often named as one of the best salmon and trout waters in Sweden and you can also catch whitefish, grayling, pike and perch.

The bright summer nights are perfect for pike fishing in the archipelago, and winter brings excellent conditions for pike fishing on the ice.

If you like fishing you’ll love Lulea:


Sundsvall is a great destination for anyone who wants to be able to choose between many different types of fishing, in lakes, rivers, streams and seas. The two large rivers Ljungan and Indalsälven flow into Sundsvall Bay, and there are excellent opportunities here for both spin fishing and fly fishing. The coastal area also offers excellent fishing all year round, in winter too, when perch fishing is very popular.

If you like fishing you’ll love Sundsvall:


Karlstad's location at the mouth of Klarälven in Lake Vänern offers superb fishing opportunities in both flowing and still waters. You can fish right in the middle of the city or in undisturbed wilderness along the rocky Lake Vänern beaches.

Vänern contains over 30 different species of freshwater fish, including perch, pike and walleye. The best salmon and trout waters in Europe are also here.

If you like fishing, you’ll love Karlstad:


Gothenburg is known for its fishing - both as an industry and as a leisure activity. In the lakes and streams of the Gothenburg area you can fish for many different fish species, such as pike, perch, bream and whitefish, and if you’re feeling lucky, try fishing for lobster or mackerel in the archipelago.

If you like fishing you’ll love Gothenburg: