Hiking trails in Sweden, Norway and Finland

Stay close to some of the most popular hiking trails in Sweden, Norway and Finland. Bring out your best hiking boots, pack your trail mix and get ready to explore the wonders of nature.

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Bohusleden Trail

Bohusleden is a roughly 370 km hiking trail that runs through Bohus province – from Lindome in the south to Stromstad in the north. One part of the trail runs over Bohus’ highest mountain Björnerödspiggen - 222 metres above sea level, and the southern part of the trail is one of the Swedish Tourist Association's signature trails.

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Höga Kustenleden Trail

Höga kustenleden is 129 km long and is located in Ornskoldsvik municipality. The trail runs from the spectacular Högakustenbron (High Coast Bridge) in the south to Ornskoldsvik in the north. The trail is one of the Swedish Tourist Association's signature trails.

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Varmland trails

All of Varmland is close to nature and there is no shortage of hiking trails. Take your pick from long and short trails here, both for beginners and more experienced hikers. A total of 160 km of excellent trails.

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The Östgötaleden Trail

The Östgötaleden trail – which consists of many different trails all connected to some extent - is usually described as Sweden's longest trail, over 744 miles long. Several parts run along smaller roads and paths and are therefore suitable for cycling.

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Stavanger is one of Norway's most visited coastal cities, thanks to its varied and magnificent nature. The town is located at the mouth of the beautiful Lysefjord and from here your starting point can be to hike to the breathtaking Preikestolen (Pulpit Rock) and Kjerag rock formations.

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Lofoten Islands

Lonely Planet referred to Lofoten as the most beautiful group of islands in the world and it is associated not least of all with mountain hiking. You can experience some of the world's most spectacular (and most photographed) rock formations here - such as Ryten north of the Kvalvika beach and Djevelporten (the Devil's Gate).

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Ruka Kuusamo

The Ruka region in Kuusamo is a popular destination for hiking. As well as the famous and popular Karhunkierros trail (Björnrundan), the area offers many hiking trails and sights that can be reached on foot. Read more about Ruka’s hiking trails here.

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Turku Archipelago Trail

Experience the magnificence of nature, as well as rich culture, via this trail in Abo archipelago. The trail stretches for a total of 250 km and runs past 12 bridges, 9 ferries and many idyllic archipelago villages.

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