7 things to do in Stockholm

Next up, friendly people, cosy cafes, amazing architecture and a lot to explore. Arrive curious and you won't get disappointed. The Swedish capital is a city for everyone. Welcome to Stockholm!

1 A true work of art

In Stockholm, you'll get around easy by using the subway. And while you explore Stockholm, you can enjoy the art you find at many of the stations. Take a guided tour through Stockholm underground, free of charge, hosted by subway operator SL.

Find more information on SL's website, search for Art walk.

2 Stockholm by water

Kayaking through Stockholm city, doesn't it sound nice? Stockholm, built on 14 islands, is perfect to explore by water. Rent a kayak for a couple of hours and get to know the city from a new angle. Tips, if you're staying at our hotel Downtown Camper by Scandic, you'll be able to borrow kayaks. Just keep in mind that it's first to come, first served.

3 Stop for a coffee break 

Swedes love their fika (meeting up for a coffee), it's something that's done on regular bases in Sweden, almost like a tradition. Therefore, it's easy to find a lot of cosy cafés in Stockholm.

  • Robin Delselius Bakery, Renstiernas gata 19
  • Rosendals trädgård, Rosendalsvagen 38
  • Fikabaren, Södermannagatan 10
  • Gretas, Hötorget
  • Mr Cake, Rådmansgatan 12a
  • Café Pascal, Norrtullsgatan 4

4 Park yourself in the city

You might think that parks are best during summer and spring. But when the fall arrives and Stockholm shift from lush green to golden the parks are just as stunning. Enjoy walking around or bring a blanket and sitdown and enjoy the fresh air.

  • Vitabergsparken, Vita Bergen
  • VanadislundenIngemarsgatan 8
  • Hagaparken, Hagalund
  • Humlegardsparken, Karlavagen 32B
  • Ivar Los Park, Bastugatan 26

5 Discover Stockholm from above

Explore Stockholm from above and book a guided tour on the roof tops of Gamla stan (old town). A great and different way to get to know a city.

6 Skogskyrkogarden

For some, it might sound strange to visit a cemetery. But this UNESCO listed cemetery outside Stockhoolm city is unique. Skogskyrkogården was created by the two architects Asplund and Lewerentz in the early 20th century. Explore the peaceful area and architecture. If you're in Stockholm around 31st of October and 6th of November you should visit Skogskyrkogården in the evening when it gets light up with candles.

Address: Sockenvagen
Subwaynear by: Skogskyrkogarden

7 For all the history lovers out there

Enter one of the most expensive private residence ever built in Sweden. Back in 1898, the Hallwyl House cost more than 1.5 million SEK to build. The house was owned by Count and Countess Walther and Wilhelmina von Hallwyl. And the house is kept as it was back when the couple lived in this expensive winter house. During summer you can also enjoy a drink on the cosy courtyard.

Address: Hamngatan 4