West coast hotels Sweden

Our hotels on the Swedish west coast are located perfectly for your Nordic adventure. Make day trips along the beautiful coast line and maybe even cross the border to Norway. It’s easy to fall in love with Swedish nature and as the inhabitants on this side of the country prefer to call it –"The Best coast".

Explore the west coast and stay comfy at our hotels

For outdoorsy travellers the maritime surroundings are perfect all year round. The coastal cities often get associated with relaxation during the summer, but there are plenty of nearby sights and hiking possibilities all seasons.

  • Stay at Scandic Laholmen and visit the beautiful Koster Islands. Go on a seal safari, snorkel, kayak or hike in Stromstad's many nature reserves.
  • From our hotels in Gothenburg it’s not far off to popular Marstrand. A sailor’s paradise for sure. Eat well and walk around among the charming shops. Carlsten Fortress is a must during the visit. If you want to stay closer to the city, Gothenburg's northern and southern archipelago is magically beautiful, moreover just a tram ride away.
  • Scandic Hallandia is located in the city of Halmstad only five minutes of cycling to the beach and coastlife. Pack your hiking boots and walk the Prince Bertil's Trail, 18 km starting at Halmstad Castle along the sea to Tylosand and Mollegård.

Explore and enjoy your picnic basket

Pack a picnic basket to the brim with Swedish delicacies and make a stop wherever and whenever you find a perfect spot to sit down. It’s the best way is to discover the gems  and at the same time get to know the surroundings. And when the day ends and you feel tired, your hotel is waiting for you.